Photographing products, food, models, interiors and architecture, the common element that resonate in

each image is the lighting of the subject.

It is of my view and that of other Photographers like the famous Yousuf Karsh, photography is about lighting.

The correct  lighting breathes life to any subject giving it dimension and shape to what could easily appear flat.

The challenge comes when interpreting the client's vision without compromising creativity as a photographer. 

Sheriff R. Khan



‚ÄčOur Vision

Soft Box Studios Limited is one of the more established and dynamic photography studios in Trinidad and Tobago, with over 18 years experience.

Soft Box opened its door in 1998 on Keate Street, Port of Spain and has since expanded to our present location, # 9 Alcazar Street St. Clair.

We are well known for our exceptional quality, professionalism and creativity.

Photographer Sheriff Khan started Soft Box Studios after returning home to Trinidad from Toronto where he studied photography, lived and worked  in the same industry .

Soft Box Studios staff is professionally trained in all aspects of commercial photography.